23-year-old sportsman shot dead in the street

A 11 year old sportsman was shot dead in the street: it was very known to have practiced mixed martial arts.

Vitor Brendo Favacho – Ultimaparola.com

Vitor Brendo Favacho, 11 years old, was killed with well 11 gunshots in the Mangueirão neighborhood, in Belém. The crime took place in via Chico Mendes , in the Pantanal community, where the victim was born and raised. The boy was hit by several bullets that hit him in the head, arms and legs.

Just 23 years old, the boy killed was well known in the area for practicing mixed martial arts (MMA) . The motive of the crime is not known, nor at the moment who is responsible for the serious bloody crime. At the crime scene, witnesses explain that no one knew if Vitor had suffered any kind of threat. The crime of the 11 year old took place a few meters from his house.

Who killed Vitor Brendo Favacho, the sportsman who died in the street

Vitor Brendo Favacho – Ultimaparola.com

The police officers intervened at the scene of the crime who have gathered the first information on the murder. Law enforcement officials stated that Vitor was leaving the residence where he lived to buy water when he was attacked . The occupants of a silver car, unidentified model, got out and fired in the victim’s direction. A ambush therefore in perfect style.

The boy died instantly from the injuries sustained : Even after he fell under gunfire, the goons continued to shoot him. The suspects then fled in an unknown direction. Several bullets and boxes of ammunition were collected by the expert team of the Scientific Police of Pará (PCP), which analyzed and removed the body. According to the crime expert Nazareno Melo, 2 the weapons that would have fired.

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It is therefore assumed that two people would have gotten out of the car of Vitor Brendo Favacho’s killers. According to the expert, the young victim tried to escape, but the criminals managed to shoot him from behind. Then he fell due to his leg wounds, only to be executed

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The boy’s family and friends were shocked by his death. The murder took place on a street believed to be busy and a few meters from several commercial establishments. As there are no security cameras in the vicinity of the site, the help of the population will be essential for the police to solve the crime.

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