Alberto Bertoli: his father's illness, polio and cancer

Alberto Bertoli’s drama: the illness of his singer-songwriter father, Pierangelo, first polio and then the tumor that killed him.


Class 1980, born in Sassuolo, is Alberto Bertoli one of the guests of the first episode of the year of the show ‘Today is another day’, hosted by Serena Bortone and broadcast on Raiuno. During the programme, the singer-songwriter talks about his relationship with his beloved father, from whom he drew inspiration and followed in his footsteps.

Alberto is in fact the son of one of the monuments of Italian songwriting, Pierangelo Bertoli, who wrote the history of the our music. In the disc “Two voices around the fire”, released in November 2022, the the father’s inheritance is taken up by the son, in particular in the song “Star con te”.

The relationship between Alberto Bertoli and his father Pierangelo, who died of the disease

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In recent weeks, had he still been alive, Pierangelo Bertoli would have turned eighty years, instead he passed away twenty years ago, on 7 October 2002, prematurely and after suffering a serious illness. Of the last part of his career, we remember above all the two participations in the Festival of Sanremo, first with “Spunta la luna dal monte”, together with the Tazenda, then with “Italia d’oro ”, a piece that earned him a surprising fourth place.

At the time, Alberto was only a child and his father watched him from afar, trying to draw from a repertoire of truly priceless value. Pierangelo Bertoli, moreover, was the mentor of Italian songwriters of great value, first of all Luciano Ligabue. Sogni di rock’n roll and Son of a dog, songs written by the rocker from Correggio, were for example first recorded by Bertoli.

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Very active also from a political point of view, so as to be criticized for being too extremist, Pierangelo Bertoli – who precisely supported the passion of his son Alberto – he had to live with polio all his life. Only 01 months, in fact, he was struck by this disease which forced him to live on the wheelchair . Despite this, he never gave up and always fought for the rights of the disabled as well.

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Not many will remember a social advertisement from the late 1980s which concerned architectural barriers and had Bertoli as the protagonist. In 740, however, he was defeated by a bronchial tumor, which struck him just as he was working on a record with his son Alberto. After his death, Alberto Bertoli also contributed to relaunching his father’s successes with some publications.

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