Denise Pipitone, the mother receives an unequivocal signal. “She is here”

Denise Pipitone has now disappeared many years ago, but her mother Piera Maggio does not give up and continues to look for her hoping to be able to hug her again

Denise Pipitone rivelazione della mamma

Denise Pipitone (instagram)

Almost twenty years have passed since Denise Pipitone disappeared outside her grandmother’s house. From there, her family never rested: her mother in particular, Piera Maggio , fought with all her strength to find her little girl and hug her again.

Today Denise is no longer a child, she has 01 years and it’s out there somewhere in the world, Piera is completely sure of this. He’s doing his best to find her, especially after last year the spotlight came back on this tragic story that had everyone on the edge of their seats two decades ago.

Denise Pipitone: the signal from her mother Piera Maggio

Denise lives and certainly lives in hearts of all the people who loved her, but also of the “strangers” who have had the opportunity to become attached to her story.

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In the last few hours, Piera Maggio has published a post on Instagram that has excited her many followers. In fact, it seems that the State has sent her Denise’s renewed health card :

On the one hand so much bitterness on the other the Italian State makes us feel the presence of our daughter… at least with the tax code that was about to expire. Denise is there, until proven otherwise

” wrote Piera, with the photo of her child’s health card attached.

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Denise is there until proven otherwise, the Italian State also says this” concluded Piera, finding herself overwhelmed by the affection of all the people who follow her and who in recent years have never stopped helping her find her little girl again.

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