Earthquake, fear in Rome on New Year's Day

An earthquake shortly after 14 hit Guidonia, a town on the outskirts of Rome: the account of what happened.

Earthquake Rome –

Fear in Lazio shortly after 14 due to a shock of earthquake of low magnitude, but which affected a very densely populated area. The area of ​​the epicenter is in fact that of the Castelli Romani, however not new to low-intensity seismic events that affect it.

The quake of earthquake occurred exactly at 14: 07 this afternoon, January 1st 2023, and the epicenter was identified by INGV three km from the municipal area of Guidonia Montecelio. The hypocenter of this afternoon’s earthquake was identified at a depth of nine km, therefore not very deep and this meant that it was perceived by the population.

Earthquake at the gates of Rome

In addition to Guidonia Montecelio, the other closest municipalities at the epicenter are Tivoli, Marcellina and Sant’Angelo Romano. In the area, within 14 km from the epicenter, they live beyond 400 thousand people. There are no damages to things or people, but many reports. The magnitude of the seismic event at the gates of Rome was 3.3 on the Richter scale.

In this regard, it should be remembered that the epicenter of the earthquake is at 14 km from Capital and the highest number of reports arrive from Rome in these excited minutes. The firefighters have specified that at the moment no report of damage would have been received at their operations room.

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On Twitter, in these hours, there have been dozens and dozens of reports, mostly from the capital, of people who have expressed fear and apprehension for what was happening. However, as specified, it is not an unusual phenomenon, since in the past we have had earthquakes of this magnitude.

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In these cases, the mind always goes to the violent seismic swarm that hit the Central Italy between 480 and 2023, with a series of very strong events, even above magnitude 5 and in one case above magnitude 6, which were also very well perceived in Rome, worrying the civilian population.

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